LiveLead Use Cases

LiveLead is built with flexibility in mind and can be used in a lot of cases

Here are a few use cases where we’ve implemented LiveLead for ourselves

EASILY IMPROVE SIGNUP CONVERSIONSProvide more options for visitors to easily sign upIn addition to an email signup form, we used Live Lead to add social signup options to our signup forms.With LiveLead, you can easily do the same thing for the current email signup forms on your website to increase your lead capture conversion rate for your website and marketing funnel.The same strategy has been used by hundreds of thousands of websites. Here are some example: 

Our exit intent optin form

BUILD YOUR EMAIL LIST FASTERGet more email subscribers

Similar to the above use case, you can easily add social optin options to your email optin forms to give your visitors more ways to optin.Even though social signup has been wildly used in signup forms on a lot of websites, it is rarely seen to be used in email optin form. LiveLead takes away the technical challenge that marketers have to face when they want to implement social optin for their marketing funnel.

BUILD YOUR EMAIL LIST WITHOUT OPTIN FORMSBuild your email list anywhere you can share a link without landing pages and optin formsCan you put an optin form in your Facebook/Twitter/Linkedin posts/comments, in Youtube video description or in your articles on other websites like Medium.com? The answer is obvious no.But what if you can place an optin form alternative on all these places with warm traffic ready to opt in for your email list?LiveLead opt-in link is the answer. Now you can collect email addresses anywhere that you can place a link. Here’s an example opt-in link: https://lve.ink/action/ unlike an optin form, a link like this can be shared anywhere online.

Ready to get more leads?

The one and only opt-in link creation tool for marketersLiveLead is built with flexibility in mind allowing you to easily implement social signup in your marketingWhether you want to improve conversion rates on your existing optin forms or build an email list without optin forms and landing pages, LiveLead can do it all.