How to obtain your ActiveCampaign API URL and Key

In order to enable an integration between your ActiveCampaign account and a 3rd party application, you will need to first obtain your API URL and Key. The API URL and Key can be thought of as your username and password

How To Integrate SendLane with your LiveLead Account

Generate API Keys We recommend generating separate API keys for each integration and naming each token descriptively. To generate an API Key: Click the Settings icon > API > + API Token > Enter a Token name > Create > Copy API TokenYou must copy the API Key at this stage.

How To Integrate Your HTML Form with LiveLead

No need to stick to our number of default integrations or use Zapier to sync your data. With this new feature, you can now integrate and use HTML forms from any email marketing service you have on LiveLead. Below is

How to Connect Mailchimp and Facebook Login to Your LiveLead Link

To get started, you just need to provide LiveLead with your MailChimp API keys (API key and username). Here is a helpful guide on how to get your MailChimp API keys: https://mailchimp.com/help/about-api-keys/ Please check the ‘Generate an API key’ section and follow the steps.


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