The definitive guide to using LiveLead

This guide is everything you will need to master LiveLead. It will serve as a centralized place that links to all tutorials and will be updated with new tutorials when we release new features.

1. Getting started

If you are new to LiveLead, understanding the concept of opt-in URLs is crucial.

To automatically export your contacts collected by your LiveLead opt-in URL, connect LiveLead to your email marketing service/CRM:

After creating an opt in URL with one social network, you may want to try creating a multi-social network opt-in URL: 

After creating your first opt-in URL, you may want to add some more power to it by attaching a retargeting pixel/tracking code: 

2. Use LiveLead opt-in links to get more subscribers

After you have created your opt-in URLs, in addition to getting email addresses by sending visitors directly to your opt-in URLs, you can also use these methods:

1. To improve conversions on your opt-in forms with social opt-in:

Example of a real user using LiveLead on his landing page and some quick tips for more conversion:

LiveLead also have a landing page builder if you don’t have one:

2. Generate leads offline with QR codes:

2. Customizing your opt-in links

After you had some basic opt-in URLs with boost.link domain and our default on social apps, you may want to customize your URLs with your own domain name and use your own social apps so that you can customize what your visitors see when they go to your URLs:

1. Start by adding a custom domain on LiveLead: 

2. Then create your own social apps to use with your custom domain:

Agency - Whitelabel

Now that you have mastered creating opt-in URLs with LiveLead, if you are an agency or a white label re-seller, you can use LiveLead agency features to create and manage client sub-accounts:

Here’s how to use LiveLead agency features:

You are now a LIVELEAD master!

Congratulations on finishing this definitive guide to using LiveLead, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to send us an email to: support@lve.ink