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Boost brings the power of social signup to email marketing & lead generation

The effectiveness of social signup is backed by research data and statistics

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Questions & Answers

These are our most frequently asked questions about Boost.

Will BOOST Work With My Website?

If you want to get more email subscribers & leads, then BOOST is absolutely right for you.

Boost is also right for  your audience because they will have a better time subscribing to your list without having to type!

What is Boost’s cancellation policy?

You can cancel your account anytime. Message us inside the app or send an email to support@boost.link and we’ll take care of you 🙂

What is Boost’s refund policy?

We have a 30-day money back guarantee for the first payments of any plans that you purchase (except for the first payments after a time-based trial period). We understand that people sometimes forget to cancel payment subscriptions. Therefore, recurring payments after the first payment or after a time-based trial period will have a 72 hour grace period window during which you can request a refund. Absolutely no refunds are issued 72 hours after your billing cycle period.

What happens if I hit my plan’s limit?

Don’t worry, we will not drop or throttle your data! You’ll receive multiple notification emails before you hit your plan’s limit. Your data will still be collected but will be hidden until you upgrade to a higher plan. 

How can I add social subscribe options to my existing optin forms?

Depending on what you’re using as your optin form/website/landing page builder, all you need to do is to add new buttons or links near your optin form and link to BOOST shortened URLs. We have detailed tutorials showing you how to do this inside the member area. 

Does Boost integrate with my autoresponder?

Boost currently integrates directly with some of the biggest email marketing providers: Activecampaign, Aweber, Mailchimp & Getresponse.We will integrate more autoresponders based on your requests.At the moment, you can also integrates your autoresponder with Boost via Zapier. 

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