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Create opt-in links that capture email addresses verified by Facebook, Google, Twitter, Linkedin, Amazon & Apple

Build Your Email List,  Boost Conversions, Enhance Visitor Experience on Your Website – All In Just a Few Clicks!

LiTERALLY Turn clicks into email addresses

  • checkNo typing needed optins
  • check Increase Email Opt-In Rate
  • check Decrease Cost per Lead
  • check Get valid email addresses (no fake info)
  • check Proven by research data and statistics
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I used it to track links from a QR code and it worked like a charm!


Remus V.

Co-Founder, Computer Software


Awesome way to get new leads.


Akshay G.

Client Partner and Business Development Manager


The easiest way to nurture your email list.


Alex L.

Managing Director / Digital Marketing Consultant

Adding social opt-in increases conversion on forms

This is FACT! Backed by research data and statistics

Finally a solution to build your list fast without headache is here

Shoot your email optin form conversion rate through the roof

Your email optin form doesn’t perform as you expect?

Maybe you’re not making it easy enough for people to fill out the form. Keep reading and I’ll show you the easiest way to boost your optin form conversion rate

Or build an email list WITHOUT having to use landing pages & optin forms

Don’t want to spend time and effort setting up landing pages and optin forms?

What about just capturing people’s email addresses and info without using a form?

Sounds impossible to do?

I’ll show you the magic in a moment.

Solve fake/disposable emails and typos in emails once and for all

Let’s say John wants to get your lead magnet but he doesn’t want to use his real info. So he decided to optin as Bob (bob@gmail.com).

And what about Brian who wants to join your email list . But instead of typing brian@gmail.com, he typed brain@gmail.com.

You are aware of these problems so you tried using double optin to verify your subscribers’ emails which lowers optin rate even further.

And don’t forget about countless disposable email services out there that people can use to verify for anything in 10 seconds.

Enhance your subscriber experience

Want to make the life your subscribers & leads a bit easier?

Don’t ask them to type to fill out your forms in these situations:

  • checkLying in bed holding their phone with one hand
  • checkWalking down a crowded street
  • checkEating
  • check… the list goes on

The truth is it’s not always the right time for people to type something. 

In fact, unless they are sitting down with a computer with a full keyboard, typing a long email address is hard work.

There’s no solution in the email marketing world to combat these problems until now…

Check these out…

Forbes signup form

Stumbleupon even hides

their email signup form

Spotify signup form

Dropbox Signup Form

Pinterest signup form

Quora login form

What all these forms have in common is that they have at least one option to

sign up or log in with one of the social networks.

And I’m 100% sure that you have come across a lot of websites that have

these social services in their login or signup form.


The reality is there are hundreds of thousands of websites that have options

 to log in and sign up using social accounts.

Ever since the rise of social networks, websites have been doing this to: 

Increase signup conversion rates

Enhance user experience

And surprisingly…

This is underutilized when it comes to email marketing and lead generation 

We are still using…

All these optin forms require people to type and lower conversion rates.

Let’s compare

In this simple example, what do you think will get you more subscribers?

Adding social signup options to your email optin form hasn’t been easy

Until now

Introducing BOOST 

The software tool that combines the power of social logins and email marketing to get you more leads and subscribers than ever before

Get more subscribers in 2 easy steps

Step 1. Use Boost to create opt-in links

After your visitors go through your opt-in links, they can unlock your

 lead magnet, thank-you page, blog posts or any other web pages

You can also add retargeting pixels or tracking codes to the opt-in links

Step 2. You can either…

Send traffic directly to the opt-in links and collect subscribers WITHOUT an optin form

Yes! You can collect email address and other information about your subscribers without using a form.

This has never been possible until now.

Or create buttons to add social optin options for your optin form

You can also add buttons to your existing optin forms and link to the opt-in links to enhance your optin form conversion rates. 

The data collected will be automatically synced directly to your email marketing tools such as Activecampagin, Mailchimp & Aweber

Easily collect real verified emails from social accounts

99.9% of your audience have at least one of these accounts

And you can collect the verified emails they used when signing up for these accounts

Add a retargeting pixel to every URL shortened with BOOST

BOOST allows you to include a retargeting pixel or tracking code in every link.

Easy custom audience

Start building a custom audience on an ad platform and improve your marketing efforts. Increase your ads campaign CTR, decrease your CPC

Easy  custom analytics

URL shorteners tend to limit you with their own analytics. 

With BOOST Pixel Addon, you can now add your own tracking codes (e.g. Google Analytics) to track and gather information about your link clickers

More data without more form fields

Ever feel hesitant about whether to include a first name field in your email optin form because people might skip theform if they have to fill an extra field?

With BOOST, no form fields all together!

Email + First Name + Last Name in 1 click

No need to ask your subscribers to fill out one or two more fields just to get their first name & last name.

With Boost, you subscribers just need to click once to give their permission and you will be able to collect their names along with their emails.

Easily export and sync your leads

Boost integrates with popular email marketing services: Activecampaign, Aweber, Mailchimp, Getresponse, Platformly & Sendlane.And with Zapier, Webhook and HTML form integration, you can connect to any email marketing and CRM tools

You can automatically sync and export subscriber info collected via each opt-in link

Transforming your optin forms into lead generating machines

Add social opt-in options to your existing optin forms and watch your conversion skyrocketed

Turn clickers into subscribers with any link you share

BOOST is the only URL shortener that helps you collect emails

Want to shorten your URLs and share your shortened links while collect email addresses of the link clickers at the same time?

BOOST is the only solution for you. 

Only your non-subscribers will see your permission request

You non-subscribers will be asked to give permission for you to collect their information every time they go through one of your shortened URLs.

Because of that reason, BOOST can also be used to protect your content against non-subscribers.

Your subscribers will see the page you want to share without having to give permission again

Subscribers who have already give you permission to collect their information before will not see your request to see their info again. They will be redirected to the destination instead.

For example, you can share your article on your Facebook page and people who already subscribed via BOOST will immediately see the article.People who haven’t shared their info will be asked to give permission.

Generate subscribers from any URL your shareYes, you can use BOOST to shorten any URLs: your website,  your Youtube videos & even other people’s pages.With BOOST, you have the ability to turn any URL into a lead magnet in 10 seconds.

Boost v2 Overview Video

Click to play video

Wondering if BOOST is perfect for you?

Answer these questions:

Do you want to get more subscribers and leads?

BOOST allows you to easily implement a strategy that’s been used by hundreds of thousands of websites to increase their sign-up conversion rates. It’s time for you to take this strategy and be a pioneer in the email marketing space.

Do you want fast implementation and get a head of your competition?

We’ve built boost in a way that allows you to add social subscribe options to your email marketing strategy fast.  You can literally have  BOOST shortened URL ready to collect subscribers for your in less than 30 seconds.

We want you to grab this untapped opportunity before everyone knows about it.  Therefore, BOOST is so fast and easy to use.

Do you want to give your audience a better way to subscribe?

Let’s face it!

Having to type a long email address over and over again, especially on mobile phone, sucks. Give your people a break from typing and allow them to subscribe and sign up using their social accounts.

They will thank you for that.

Get Instant Access To Boost Unlimited Plan

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30 Day


30 Day Money Back Guarantee – No risks whatsoever

Grab your access to BOOST now completely risk-free. Your investment is covered by our no-hassles, money back guarantee. Use BOOST for 30 full days.

Boost your optin form conversion rate and collect real emails from your subscribers. See how easy it is to convert visitors to leads with BOOST.

In the highly unlikely event you don’t feel BOOST lives up to every claim on this page, just let us know. Our support team will work with you to find a solution… but if you’re still not satisfied, we’ll refund 100% of your investment. 


With Boost you just set it in your site and forget it but gather all kinds of legit email addresses.


Ronald W.

CEO, President,Marketing Director, Lead Broker


I was able to add a high-value service to my customers at a low cost to my business.


Chris O.



Create lead magnets and link to them via Boost. Easily and simply collect contacts via Zapier.


Vitali K.

CEO, Accounting

Frequently Asked Questions

Is BOOST right for me?

If you want to get more email subscribers & leads then BOOST is absolutely right for you.

Not only it’s right for you but also for your audience because they will have a better time subscribing to you without having to type!

How can I add social subscribe options to my existing optin forms?

Depending on what you’re using as your optin form/website/landing page builder, all you need to do is to add new buttons or links near your optin form and link to BOOST opt-in links.

You can always contact us and we will help you with the setup.

Does Boost integrate with my autoresponder?

Boost currently integrates directly with some of the biggest email marketing providers: Activecampaign, Aweber, Mailchimp, Getresponse, Platformly & Sendlane.You can also integrates your autoresponder with Boost via Zapier, Webhook or HTML form integration.

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